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Daegu's Central Jung-gu District!

Introduction of Jung-gu

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YooKyu-ha, head of the Jung-gu District Office, Daegu Metropolitan City

My name is YooKyu-ha, and I am the
head of the Jung-gu District Office.

It is my honor to extend the warmest of greetings to you
as you visit the website of Jung-gu,
“the district of communication, participation, and hope.”

To turn Jung-gu into a “place overflowing with youth and rich with beautiful and laudable customs,” I will communicate with you consistently and work hard to incorporate your perspectives in the administration.

The world is changing quickly.
And the economic paradigm is changing constantly.

We will build a new economic paradigm, where industries,
information, and senses come together, as well as history, culture, and science.

The key to the new Jung-gu is the people.

All of your imagination, ideas, creativity,
and passion will become the pillars that support Jung-gu as a first-rate district.

We are now standing at a new starting point to build “Jung-gu of hope.”

By introducing‘Urban Public Design,’we will do our
best to keep Jung-gu still practical and beautiful even after 100 years from now.

By focusing on action, I will work hard,
never forgetting my original intention to do my best.

We welcome you to Jung-gu District in Daegu Metropolitan City,
A charming city where traditional customs and youth coexist,

Where the past and the future come together.

July 1, 2018

Update : 2018.12.17

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