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Daegu's Central Jung-gu District!

Introduction of Jung-gu

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Regional Characteristics

Regional Characteristics
Daegu’s downtown - Business hub city(1.Strategically-located transportation hub:lncrease of urban management functions.  2.Central location of Daegu's business district:Overcrowding of weekly temporary population.3.Advance base for informatization:Concentration of financial,distribution, and administrative institutions. 4.Accumulation of historical and cultural heritages:Cultural, arts and tourism centers)
Urban areas have formed on the central lowlands of Daegu, which is located in a broad basin, with Sincheon(stream) running along the east side and acting as a boundary dividing Dong-gu and Suseong-gu. Also, Myeongdeok-ro acts as a boundary, with Nam-gu and Dalseong Park on the west bank and Bisan-dong on the east, dividing Seo-gu, dalseo-gu and Dalseo-gu. The Gyeongbu Line, which runs west to east from Daegu Station, acts as a boundary for Buk-gu, and Jung-gu is located in the central region of Daegu Metropolitan City, surrounded by Dong-gu, Seo-gu, Nam-gu, Buk-gu, Suseong-gu and Dalseo-gu.
Location of Jung-gu Office Point Pole point
Location Longitude North latitude
139-gil 1 (Dongin-dong 2-ga), Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea Eastern end 490-2, Dongin-dong 4-ga 128˚ 36' 35˚ 52'
Western end 1582, Daeshin-dong 128˚ 34 35˚ 51'
Southern end 214, Daebong-dong 128˚ 36' 35˚ 51'
Northern end 171-8, Dalseong-dong 128˚ 34' 35˚ 52'
Rainfall and temperature
Rainfall and temperature
Temperature (˚C) Rainfall(mm) Wind (m/sec) Weather (days)
Average Maximum Minimum Average speed Maximum speed Fine Rain Snow
14.6 37.2 -10.1 1,131.5 2.4 13.3 98 122 6
Update : 2018.02.21

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