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Extension and Change of Place of Sojourn


Target and Application of Extension

  • For foreigner’s who wish to continue staying in the Republic of Korea past the expiration of the period of stay, an application form for extending the period of stay should be filled out and submitted within two months of the end date of the period of stay. If you apply for an extension after the end date of the period of stay, you will have to pay an extra fee. Please be careful not to apply for the extension too late, because if the extension is not approved, you will face disadvantages for illegally staying in Republic of Korea from the date the application was denied.

Procedure for Extending your Stay

Application for extending your stay
Republic of Korea Immigration Service or Brand Office in your place of →Examination→Approval 
Approval details are written in passport and on foreigner registration card
 or Denial
Notification of reasons for denial and departure order

Required Documents

  • Application form for an extension of stay
  • Passport and foreigner registration card (if registered)
  • Attached documents according to visa type
  • Commission fee: KRW 30,000 (For F-6 visa holders (immigrant spouse), the cost is KRW 20,000)
  • For immigrant spouse:
  • If your spouse is a Korean (husband or wife), you need the following documents
    • Family Relation Certificate (Marriage Certificate)
    • A copy of family registration

Change of Place of Sojourn

  • When a registered foreigner changes the place of sojourn, the foreigner should notify and present their passport and foreigner registration card to the gun and gu offices of the new place of sojourn within 14 days of moving in
Update : 2014.11.28

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