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Electricity, City Gas, Water Supply



  • The standard voltage in Republic of Korea is 220V. For electrical devices that use 110V, it is necessary to use a transformer that converts 220V to 110V.
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City Gas

Daesung Energy
  • Starting in 1984, most households were provided with a supply of clean and convenient LPG gas, but since 1995, citizens’ quality of life has been improved further by providing a stable supply of safe natural gas.
    Detached homes receive natural gas in 20kg tanks, while most apartments are connected directly to the city gas supply.

Daesung Energy

Water Supply

Daegu Metropolitan City Waterworks Headquarters
  • It is safe to drink tap water in Republic of Korea, but it is a good idea to boil, filter, or purify water before drinking. When you first come to Republic of Korea, you might get a stomachache for a couple of days, but it will get better after a while. If problems persist, please go to the hospital. If necessary, you can easily purchase water from any store.

Daegu Metropolitan City Waterworks Headquarters

Update : 2018.02.22

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