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Foreigner Support Institutions

As institutions established for the purpose of supporting foreigners and their families living in Republic of Korea, the Danuri Call Center, Multicultural Family Support Center, and Support Center for Foreign Workers are being operated with governmental support and corporate sponsorship. In addition to these institutions, there are support centers for foreigners operated at regional and private levels, including the Global Center.

Danuri Call Center

Danuri Call Center 1577-5432
  • Providing emergency assistance and living information for multicultural families and migrant women
  • Offering support services in 13 languages
  • ☎1577-5432 (As of April 2014)


Contents of Service Provided
Contents of Service Provided
Division Details
  • Consultations provided in 13 languages (Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese, English, Tagalog (Filipino), Mongolian, Russian, Thai, Khmer (Cambodian), Japanese, Uzbek, Laos, and Nepali)
  • Direct connection
  • All consultations are strictly confidential
Consultations on emergency assistance, physical assault, and related emergency support services
  • Phone consultations in native language for migrant women 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Operation of emergency evacuation facilities (able to accompany children)
  • Facilities for the protection of women victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, and prostitution
  • Medical, legal, and law enforcement support
Provision of living information and family consultation
  • Providing multi-cultural family support center programs and information related to cultural diversity
  • Providing information on living and legal issues and legal consultations by lawyers over the phone (Korean Bar Association)
  • Family consultations and emotional support for multicultural families
  • Consultations on issues regarding international marriages
Interpretation and third-party conference call services
  • Third-party interpretation for those with difficulty speaking Korean (police, emergency, hospital, community center, educational institution, bank, etc.)
  • Support for communication between families

Multicultural Family Support Center

In order to promote the stability of the lives of married migrants and their families in Republic of Korea, 214 Multicultural Family Support Centers have been established across the nation (as of January 2014). These centers provide Korean language education for married migrants, multicultural family integrated education, employment and educational support for multicultural families, home teaching, consultation and interpretation, and translation support services.
Method of Use
  • The Multicultural Family Support Centers are operated by region. If you call the Danuri Call Center at ☎1577-5432, you will be introduced to the nearest Multicultural Family Support Center.
  • Centers are generally open from 09:00 to 18:00.
    ※ Multicultural Family Support Portal Danuri 바로가기 (☎1577-5432)

Republic of Korea Immigration Service

The Republic of Korea Immigration Service handles all duties related to the status of foreigners in Republic of Korea, including immigration checks of Koreans and foreigners, certification issuance, visa issuance, foreigner registration, extension of length of stay, change of stay status, approvals of various permissions of stay, investigation of violations, and works related to refugees and citizenships.

Also, in order to support migrants and achieve social integration, various educational programs are being operated to provide relevant information, including a social integration program, “Happy Start” program, and international marriage introduction program.
Update : 2018.02.23

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