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Foreigner Registration


Target and Application of Foreigner Registration

A foreigner who will be staying in Republic of Korea for more than 90 days must complete foreigner registration within 90 days.
  • However, if the visa in the foreigner’s passport is for a stay of 59 days, the foreigner should register before the end of the 59-day period
  • If the requirements for staying in the Republic of Korea are satisfied and approval to change the status of stay has been acquired, a foreigner should register immediately after acquiring the approval.

Required Documents

  • Passport
  • Foregistration application form (provided at the Republic of Korea Immigration Service)
  • 1 color photo (3.5cm x 4.5cm)

    ※ A photo taken within the last six months that shows the front of the face in natural color with a white background.

  • Attached documents by visa type (since documents may differ according to visa type, you should first check with the Republic of Korea Immigration Service)
  • Commission fee of KRW 10,000 (governmental revenue stamp)
  • For immigrant spouse
  • If your spouse is a Korean (husband or wife), you need the following documents
    • Family Relation Certificate (Marriage Certificate)
    • A copy of family registration
      • Commission fee for extension KRW 20,000

※ Permission for a two year stay is provided to trainees who complete the “Happy Start Program”.

Application and Issuance of Foreigner Registration

  • Application and issuance of foreigner registration are made at the Republic of Korea Immigration Service (Branch Office) of the place of sojourn.

※ Republic of Korea Immigration Service (Inquiries ☎1345)

Management of Foreigner Registration

  • Since the foreigner registration card is a major piece of ID in Republic of Korea, foreigners should carry it with them at all times.
Update : 2018.02.21

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