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Daegu's Central Jung-gu District!

Phone Information

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    Phone Information


    Civil Complaint Information Phone Number

    • Representative phone number : 661-2000
    • Fax number : 661-3030
    • Customer complaints by area
      Customer complaints by area
      Area Consultation and reporting channel Phone number
      Civil complaints Civil complaint consultation 661-2312
      Land complaint consultation 661-3052
      Safety Paramedics and ambulance 661-3887
      119 rescue team 601-4517
      Disaster management issues 661-2892
      Electricity-related issues 661-2655
      Economy Inflation stabilization and management 661-2643
      Support for local job creation 661-2563
      Operation of job support center 661-2563
      Welfare Issues related to pharmacies, oriental medicine, and pharmaceuticals 661-3833
      Information on medical institutions and enforcement of medical care regulations 661-3832
      Environment Food waste management 661-2723
      Vaccinations 661-3887
      Enforcement of waste disposal regulations 661-2712
      City Control of illegal advertisements 661-3921
      Management of no-smoking areas and enforcement of regulations 661-3838
      Parking enforcement 661-3021
      Emergency repair of road and sewage 661-2913
      Street tree maintenance 661-2842

    Emergency Contact Numbers

    Emergency Numbers
    Emergency Numbers
    In case of fire, medical emergency, or car accident 119
    Crime report 112
    Spy report and anticommunist consultation 113
    International crime report and consultation 080-776-2112
    Drug-related crime report 127
    Numbers for Information or to Lodge Complaints
    Numbers for Information or to Lodge Complaints
    Illegal or unsanitary food report 1399
    Missing child report 182
    Water supply failure report 121
    Electricity failure report 123
    Environmental pollution report 128
    Female emergency 1336
    Legal consultation 132
    National tax consultation center 1588-0060
    AIDS consultation 1588-5448
    Post office information 1588-1300
    Volunteer work information 1365

    Relevant Institutions

    Relevant Institutions
    Institutions Phone number
    Jung-gu Assembly of Daegu Metropolitan City 661-2061, 421-8257
    Daegu Jungbu Police Station Police Complaint Call Center 182
    Daegu Jungbu Fire Station 601-4517
    Update : 2018.02.23

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