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Postal and Telephone Service


Postal Service

Mail and parcels can be sent from the post office nearest your home. All local and international mail is handled by the post office, which also acts as a financial institution, similar to banks. For international mail, you can also use EMS, which is a rapid overseas parcel and mail delivery system.
(Postal services: ☎1588-1300, Financial services: ☎1588-1900)

Local Postal Service

  • Generally, mail sent through the local postal service is delivered by the next day, but it might take longer for mail to be delivered to island or mountain regions. The postal fees differ according to the region to which the mail is sent, and if the weight or size exceeds the standard, the package must meet certain requirements and additional fees must be paid.

International Express Mail Service

  • The International Express Mail Service safely and quickly delivers packages of up to 30kg to about 130 countries around the world. Some countries, including Australia, the Philippines, Argentina, and Bangladesh, restrict packages to a weight of 20kg or less.
  • The items that are handled include mail, documents, letters of credit, books, exchange checks of financial institutions, cassette tapes, video tapes, and various other products. Please check in advance before sending any products that may be prohibited in the destination country.

※ International Post Customer Service Department, Local: ☎02-2108-0050~60 / Overseas: ☎82-2-2108-0051~0059

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  • It is possible to apply for the installation of a landline without going to the telephone company in person. The phone number to call regarding the installation of a landline phone is 100 (KT), which can be called from anywhere in Republic of Korea. After dialing the number, you will be connected to a call center. First, you will hear an introduction in Korean, followed by one in English. Phone bills may be paid online (on-line bill, ☎ 1577-5500) or through automatic withdrawal or transfer from your account every month. Inquiries regarding any problems may be made by calling 100 or 106.

Mobile Phone

  • Most foreigners are able to purchase mobile phones only by paying a lump sum in cash, instead of paying in installments. Also, if you have a foreigner registration card, you may get a mobile phone number issued under your own name.
Update : 2014.11.27

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