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Jung-gu Cultural History

Jung-gu Cultural History photo
  • 1600s ~ Present
  • Cultural History of the Jung-gu District of Daegu Metropolitan City
  • 1601Established the Gyeongsang-do Provincial Office under the name “Daegu”
  • 1898Established the Jejungwon (current Dongsan Hospital of Keimyung University)
  • 1899Built Gyesan Catholic Church
  • 1905Established Dalseong Park
  • 1918Established Seongmodang
  • 1925Established Republic of Korea’s first swimming pool in Dongin-dong
  • 1944Started Daegu Department Store from the Daegu Store
  • 1960Initiated the February 28th Student’s Movement
  • 1961Opened Geumho Hotel
  • 1972Opened Donga Department Store
  • 1976Established Jungang Park in the location of the provincial office of Gyeongsang Province
  • 1990Held the first Dongseong-ro Street Festival
  • 1990Established the Gwan Deok Jeong Martyrdom Memorial Building
  • 1997Changed Jungang Park into Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park for re-opening
  • 1999Established the Gukchae-bosang Movement Memorial Park
  • 2003Established the February 28th Memorial Jungang Park
  • 2004Opened the Bongsan Cultural Center
  • 2007Restored the old houses of Lee Sang-hwa and Seo Sang-don
  • 2012Opened the modern cultural experience center (Gyeosanyeoga)
    Held the first Jung-gu Resident’s Day
Update : 2018.02.22

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