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Street Name
Yeommae Market (Deoksan) Tteokjeon (Rice Cake) Street
  • Yeommae Market (Deoksan) Tteokjeon (Rice Cake) Street 이미지(1) Yeommae Market (Deoksan) Tteokjeon (Rice Cake) Street 이미지(2) Yeommae Market (Deoksan) Tteokjeon (Rice Cake) Street 이미지(3)

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About the Street
The street originated with various barterers and street vendor stalls on Yeommae Market in 1940, and began to develop into Tteokjeon (Rice Cake) Street when refugees began settling here after the Korean War. In the early days, rice cake peddlers sold rice cakes to shops nearby, but now, there are about 20 rice cake shops on the street specializing in rice cakes for newlyweds and ancestral rites.
West and North of Donga Shopping Mall~Jong-ro
Subway: Banwoldang Station (Exit 15, 16, 17) Bus: In front of Donga Shopping Mall - 305, 405, 414, 609, 840, 909, 990, 991, Buk-gu 2
Update : 2014.11.27

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