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Course 2 (Modern Cultural Street)

START-Dongsan Cheongna Hill(200m)March First Independence Movement Road(100m)Gyesan Catholic Church-old houses of Lee Sang-hwa & Seo Sang-don, Gyesanyega(100m)Mulberry Street (Du Sa-chung)(120m)Jeil Church-Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine(350m)Yeongnam-daero(70m)Jongno(300m)Jingolmok Alley(300m)Chinese Residents Association(Chinese Elementary Schools)-END Dongsan Cheongna Hill March First Independence Movement Road Gyesan Catholic Church old houses of Lee Sang-hwa & Seo Sang-don, Gyesanyega Mulberry Street (Du Sa-chung) Jeil Church Jongno Jingolmok Alley Chinese Residents Association(Chinese Elementary Schools) Yangnyeongsi Museum of Oriental Medicine Yeongnam-daero
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Dongsancheongna Hill – Dongsan Meat Restaurant (Ssamzie Park, below Mansegyedan) – Coffee Myeongga (Next to Gyesan Catholic Church) – House of Yi Sang-hwa – Old House of Seo Sang Don – Yangnyeongsi Souvenir Shop (next to Bullomun Gate) – Herbal Medicine Museum (Dispensary of oriental medicine wall) – Hanok-guksi (Madang Gipeunjib) – Yakjeon Restaurant (Jingolmok Alley) – Gonggam Guest House
Course name
  • Course 2 - Modern Culture Street (1.64km / Time required: 2 hours)
Regular tour days
  • Every Saturday 10:00 ~ 12:00, 14:00 ~ 16:00
  • Anyone who is interested
Number of participants
  • No limit

    ※ The tour may be cancelled if there are less than 15 registered participants. If that happens, text messages will be sent out three days before the tour date.

    ※ If you would like to take a free tour without a commentator, please use the "Daegu Jung-gu’s Street Tours" mobile application.

Participation fee
  • Free of charge
Gathering place
  • For the 10am departure, gather in front of the Missionary Museum (arrive 10 minutes beforehand), and for the 2pm departure, gather in front of the House of Yi Sang-hwa (arrive 10 minutes beforehand).
  • Train
    • Take the subway after getting off at Dongdaegu Station or Daegu Station
  • Subway
    • Take Exit 18 of Banwoldang Station and walk about 500m
    • Take Exit 5 of Sinnam Station (old Seomun Market Station) and walk about 300m
  • Bus
    • In front of Eldis Regent Hotel: 305, 405, 414, 609, 840, 909, Bukgu 2 → 200m walk
    • Across from Eldis Regent Hotel: 305, 405, 414-1, 609 → 300m walk
    • Seongmyeong Girls’ Middle and High School: 840 → 50m walk
    • Across from Maeil Newspaper: 420-1 → 100m walk
Update : 2018.02.28

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