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Course 2 (Modern Cultural Street)

2 March First Independence Movement Road
March First Independence Movement Road

On March 8, 1919, the same movement as the 3.1 Independence Movement in Seoul took place in Daegu. The Independence Movement Road refers to the road that starts from the 3.1 Independence Movement Steps located to the left of the new building of Jeil Church to the Dongsan Museum. It is where the student that participated in the Independence Movement hid from the Japanese Police. Students from Gyeseong School, Shinmyeong School, Seongseo Academy and Daegu High School walked through this road to gather for the 3.1 Independence Movement. This road earned the nickname Montmartre of Daegu for its beauty.
-Next to the 3.1 Independence Movement Steps, pictures of Daegu take in early 1900’s and pictures of the 3.1 Independence Movement are exhibited.
-Looking down from the top of the steps is a good location for taking pictures with a clear view of Gyesan Cathedral between the steps and the trees.

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