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Course 2 (Modern Cultural Street)

2 The houses of Lee Sang-hwa & Seo Sang-don / Modern Culture Experience Center Gyesanyega panorama panorama panorama
Modern Culture Experience Center Gyesanyega

Modern Culture Experience Center Gyesanyega
The Gyesan Yega is a modern experience and exhibition center located on a 313.9㎡ property with gross floor area of 126.14㎡. It is located next to the old house of Lee Sang-hwa and Seo Sang-don. Gyesanyega features exhibits and videos related to modern culture. The Screening Room shows a video regarding the lives of artists who stayed in Gyesan-dong and other related stories. The Exhibition Room features videos and chronological table that shows the history from the Daehan Empire to Japanese oppression, Korean independence, the Korean War and the industrialization era. In addition to the Screening Room and the Exhibition Room, the Hanok(Korean Traditional House) Exhibition Room provides a place to rest during the Walking Tour.

-Visiting Hours
09:00 ~ 18:00, Always open (No Visitor Days : Chinese New Year's Day & Chuseok)

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