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Course 2 (Modern Cultural Street)

2 Mulberry Street (Du Sa-chung)
Mulberry Street

General Du Sa-chung of Ming Dynasty, who was dispatched to Joseon during the Japanese Oppression, did not return to his home after the war. Instead, he became naturalized as a Korean and received a piece of land in Daegu from the king. When Gyeongsang-gamyeong was built on this land, he forfeited his rights to the land and relocated to Gyesan-dong, where he planted mulberry trees to make a living. This area is now called at the Mulberry Street, and tales related to Du Sa-chung are painted on the walls. It was also called the Artist’s Alley as artists that represent modern daegu such as poet Lee Sang-hwa, painter, Lee In-sung and novelist Hyun Jin-gun had lived in the area.

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