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Course 2 (Modern Cultural Street)

2 Jingolmok Alley
Jingolmok Alley

The name Jingolmok Alley originated from Gyeongsang-do’s dialect “Jilda”, which equals “Gilda” or “Long” in Korean. The history of Jingolmok Alley goes back to the Joseon Dynasty. At the time, many of Daegu’s influential individuals lived in Jingolmok Alley. Furthermore, Lee Won-man, the founder of Kolon Group, politician Shin Do-hwan and Kim Hong-sik, the founder of Kumbokju, all lived in this alley once. After the wealthy left, the houses are being used as Chinese Residents Association, Jeong Pediatrics and a restaurant. The actual length of the Jingolmok Alley is only about 100 meters. But it earned the name Jingolmok Alley, which means long alley, because the time embraced by this alley is not short and holds a much greater meaning than the physical length.

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