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Course 4 (Samdeok-bongsan Culture Street)

4 Kim Kwang-seok Road(Bangcheon Market) panorama
Kim Kwang-seok Road

It is a road that commemorates Kim Kwang-seok, a troubadour and a singer who still inspires many Koreans long after his death. Kim Kwang-seok was born in Daebong-dong and lived here until he was 5 years old. In 2009, a team of 11 artists gathered to create Kim Kwang-seok Road, and the walls of the road are filled with Kim Kwang-seok’s song lyrics and other works that commemorate him. His songs are played in the streets and it’s the ideal place for anyone to enjoy the unique sentiments the street has to offer.

Bangcheon Market
The Bangcheon Market is a traditional market located next to Suseong Bridge n Daegu. It was formed as people from Japan and Manchuria began selling merchandise after the Korean Independence in 1945. At the time, the merchants divided the space in grids made by rope to organize the market. At the time, it was where large amounts of grain from the southern part of Korea were traded. The gate, built with old computers, leaves a strong impression. There is a rice wine pub at the end where it meets Kim Kwang-seok Reminder Road, and it is an ideal place to enjoy rice wine while listening to Kim Kwang-seok’s music.

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