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Daegu's Central Jung-gu District!

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Famous Restaurants

Enjoy the flavors of Jung-gu!
Jung-gu is at the center of Daegu.
As the center of Dalgubeol, Jung-gu is home to the traditional culture of this area and forms a large part of Yeongnam.
We will provide information on famous restaurants with long traditions, where you can enjoy food and experience the modern history and culture of Jung-gu district. Please visit some of these restaurants, marked with special logos (signs), which have been selected by Jung-gu.
Explores and develops restaurants with original tastes and characteristics every two years (since 2006), to contribute to the development of the food and culture industries, improve restaurant hygiene, and promote the excellence of local food to foreign tourists visiting the region.
Famous Restaurants
No. Name Location Phone number Business hours Type of business Main dishes
1 Suraksansiro 27-1, Dongseong-ro Street 2-gil (Samdeokdong 1-ga) 421-5554 12:00-24:00 Japanese food Sukiyaki, Ramen
2 No.8 Restaurant 8, Seoseong-ro 13-gil (Seoseongro 1-ga) 255-0167 08:00-22:00 Korean food Boiled beef, sundae
3 Gyejeong 52, Dongseong-ro Street 3-gil (Samdeokdong 1-ga) 424-7051 10:00-22:00 Korean food Yukhoe bibimbap, cold buckwheat noodles
4 Geochang Restaurant 25-7, Seoseong-ro (Gyesan-dong 1-ga) 253-6699 09:00-22:00 Korean food Hwangmok Special Shabu-Shabu, puffer fish soup
5 Gulliver’s Travel 105, Dongseong-ro Street 4-gil (Gongpyeong-dong) 425-9977 12:00-21:30 Western-style food Steak, pasta
6 Gyeongdo Miyako Udon 31, Dongseong-ro Street 2-gil (Samdeok 1-ga) 426-5660 12:00-21:00 Japanese food Cold meat udon, miyako udon
7 Gyeongju Halmae Kalguksu 12-9, Dongseongro 6-gil (Gongpyeong-dong) 425-2358 11:00-16:00 Korean food Kalguksu, boiled pork slices
8 Gohyangdeul 78-2, Yaknyeong-gil (Su-dong) 257-6700 10:00-22:00 Korean food Mushroom soup, mushroom jeongol
9 Gyodongtaro 1 floor, 563, Gukchaebosang-ro (Jeon-dong) 254-8923 24 hours Korean food Special taro gukbap, Taro gukbap
10 Gukil 571, Gukchaebosang-ro (Jeon-dong) 253-7623 24 hours Korean food Special taro gukbap, Taro gukbap
Update : 2015.03.30

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